Sustainability at Pixum.
Not just a word

Responsible management of our forests resources is more important now than ever, which is why sustainability is a great part of our vision.

Pixum is 100% carbon neutral

Since July 2020, our printing labs and our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, have been completely carbon neutral. This means that Pixum compensates unavoidable CO2 emissions of the both locations through certified climate protection projects.

We work together with the environmental organization in Germany called ClimatePartner to counterbalance emissions from both production and office processes. Together we support an Amazon forest conservation project in the Peruvian region Madre de Dios.

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Forest Conservation Project in Peru

Protecting 'Madre de Dios' Amazon Forest

In the Peruvian Amazon region "Madre de Dios", a road construction project is threatening valuable habitat for various animal species and indigenous peoples. So far, the completion of the Peruvian section of the road has successfully been prevented. The project, sponsored by ClimatePartner and Pixum, aims to support the local population while protecting the whole area. This helps prevent illegal logging, raw material extraction or agricultural use.

Sustainablility for the environment & local communities

Madre de Dios Amazon Forest Conservation Project at the same time helps creating alternative sources of income and educational opportunities for the local population. Since 2009, this project is successfully protecting a 100,000 hectare area and helping local communities to manage it sustainably.

What does 'carbon neutral manufacturing' mean?

The companies own CO2 footprint is being calculated annually so that it is easy get to know the exact amount and compensate it. We at Pixum can be sure to balance out the actual amount of greenhouse gases being emitted in the manufacturing process, in logistics or in administration. This is what working on climate protection projects helps us to reach. We take responsibility and make a meaningful contribution to climate protection. Also, when it comes to electricity, Pixum has been using electricity from 100% renewable energies for the Cologne office for years already.

Pictures from the Madre de Dios region in Peru:

FSC® certified Pixum products

Pixum is FSC® certified since 2013

Protecting resources and protecting the environment are the declared objectives of our environmental policy.

Responsible management of our forests resources is now more important than ever. Which is why we want to step in and do our part. With the use of certified, environmentally friendly materials, i.e. materials that have been sustainably sourced without harming the world's forests, we answer to the wishes of our customers to help protect the environment.

What does an FSC® certificate mean?

The FSC® certification system promotes an ecologically adapted, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests. This ensures that the needs of today's generation can be met without bringing the needs of future generations in danger.

An FSC® certificate guarantees complete transparency of the entire processing and trade chain from the forest wood to the customer. By purchasing FSC® certified products, you are making a direct contribution to sustainable, resource-conserving forestry and to the protection of our environment.

Sustainable Pixum products

We at Pixum, not only focus on the quality of the photo products and service. We also make sure to be running an environmentally friendly and sustainable production. This especially applies to our customers' favouirte FSC® certified Pixum Photo Book, our Canvas as well as Pine Wood Prints.

FSC® certified Pixum Photo Book

Pixum Photo Books on premium and photographic paper not only stand for a high-quality product, but also for sustainable production from responsible forest management.

FSC® certified Canvas Print

Wall Art to WOW

  • mounted on FSC® certified real wood frame, pine or spruce
  • the elegant linen structure

FSC® certified Pixum Wood Print

Wood Print

  • printed on FSC® certified pine wood laths
  • wood from sustainable and responsibly managed forests

FSC® certified: Playing Cards (Deck)

Family Fun

What does FSC® stand for?

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and sees itself as part of a global community that sets a globally unified standard for sustainable and responsible forest management. The FSC® was founded in 1993 as a result of the environmental summit in Rio and is an international, non-profit organization with the aim of preserving the world's forests.

<p>Find out in this FSC® short video why it is worth buying FSC®-certified products.</p>

The mission of the Forest Stewardship Council

Find out in this FSC® short video why it is worth buying FSC®-certified products.

Transparency matters as well

The regulations of the FSC® require that the entire processing and trade chain from the forest to the wholesaler is fully certified. By purchasing FSC® products, the certified company can make a direct contribution to improving the world's forestry.

The suitability of a certified company is checked annually by an independent certifier. The data collected during the company audit form the basis for the decision on giving or prolonging the certification. FSC® certificates are valid for a period of five years.