• Elegant linen texture and a solid wooden frame
  • Great variety of sizes: 20×30 cm - 160×120 cm
  • Vivid colours and the traditional gallery look

The linen fabric is fixed on a stable wooden wedge frame by hand. Thanks to the high-quality material and the careful manufacturing, your canvas gets a smooth silky matt look.

Canvas Photo Print: Traditional Material Meets Creative Design

At Pixum, your photo is printed on a high-quality canvas sheet and mounted, by hand, onto a stable frame made from real wood. For particularly brilliant colours, the twelve-colours printing method is used. This technique gives your wall art the look of a real-life painting from an art gallery.

  • 2 cm thick wooden frame for small print sizes
  • 4 cm thick frame for sizes from 80×80 cm and larger
  • high UV-resistance for memories that never fade

Curious? Find out more about Photo Canvas Prints

Watch this short video to find out why a canvas print is a perfect option for your walls.

What is so special about Canvas Prints?

Watch this short video to find out why a canvas print is a perfect option for your walls.

Photo to Canvas: Wooden Frame

Photo to Canvas: Wooden Frame

The canvas of your print is mounted and then stapled onto a stable 2-4 cm thick wooden frame (4 cm thick frame for prints with the shortest side of at least 80 cm). Your photo will be wrapped over the edges of the entire wooden frame to avoid unprinted (white) gaps.

How much does my Canvas Print cost?

Our Price Calculator: Find the best price!

With the help of our price calculator, you can easily calculate the price for your personal Pixum Wall Art by adapting the characteristics of the product according to your wishes:

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    Our Top Sellers:

    Sizes Frame width Price
    Pixum Canvas Print, 120x90 cm 4cm from 139,99 ¤ Create now!
    Pixum Canvas Print, 90x60 cm 2cm from 89,99 ¤ Create now!
    Pixum Canvas Print, 60x40 cm 2cm from 54,99 ¤ Create now!
    Pixum Canvas Print, 40x30 cm 2cm from 34,99 ¤ Create now!

    Weight chart depending on the material:

    Wall Art Type kg/m² 20 x 30 cm 40 x 40 cm 60 x 90 cm 80 x 100 cm 100 x 150 cm
    Gallery Print ca. 10 0.6 kg 1.6 kg 5.5 kg 8.2 kg 15.3 kg
    Aluminium Print ca. 3.9 0.2 kg 0.6 kg 2.1 kg 3.1 kg 5.8 kg
    Acrylic Print ca. 4.8 0.3 kg 0.8 kg 2.6 kg 3.8 kg 7.1 kg
    Forex print ca. 2.0 0.1 kg 0.3 kg 1.1 kg 1.6 kg 3.0 kg
    Canvas Print ca. 1.6 0.1 kg 0.25 kg 0.8 kg 1.3 kg 2.3 kg

    Everything About Canvas Prints at Pixum

    Photo To Canvas - FAQs

    • How will Pixum print my photo onto canvas?
      How will Pixum print my photo onto canvas?

      Your snap will be printed on a high-quality canvas fabric (similar to art prints). Depending on the size, the canvas prints are then stretched on a high real wood wedge frame. We have a high-quality 12-colours printing process with inkjet system, where fine ink droplets are being worked into the canvas. Thanks to this technique, Pixum canvas prints are highly UV-resistant and captivate your attention with brilliant colours in top quality. Your new wall art will be a real eye-catcher!

    • Where and how do I design my canvas print?
      Where and how do I design my canvas print?

      You can design your Canvas Print either in the online editor directly in your browser or in the free Pixum Photo World software. After you have uploaded the selected image to the editing area, you can start creating your future wall decor. As soon as you are satisfied with the draft, add your creation to the basket and submit your order. The manufacturing of your wall art on high-quality linen fabric usually takes 4 to 5 working days, the delivery takes an additional 1 to 3 working days. Use our price calculator to compare prices for canvas prints and find the most suitable size for you.

    • How do I hang my canvas art?
      How do I hang my canvas art?

      As soon as the parcel has arrived, simply unpack your new wall decor and let it adjust itself to the room. Keep in mind, that wood is a living material and might slightly change its form depending on the air and temperature in the room. Use this time to pick the perfect spot to hang your personalised canvas to display the selected picture or the photo collage you created. To hang the canvas print, you will only need a couple of nails placed symmetrically on the wall. Now, hang your premium canvas print and enjoy the new look in your home.
      If you already have a wall gallery at home, we recommend checking our video tips on how to keep the harmony when adding a new piece of decor.

    • Which image should I choose?
      Which image should I choose?

      The quality of the final result strongly depends on your photo. For a quality canvas print, pick an image with the highest resolution you've got. The online editor will let you know with a warning sign when the image resolution is too low for the chosen size. The editor automatically analyses the image quality depending on the selected format.

      Please keep in mind, that your canvas print will be mounted onto a wooden frame. To avoid any image loss, place important parts of your picture 4 cm from the edge (6 cm with large sizes from 80 x 80 cm). Align the visible image part onto the punched line in the editor.

    • Which canvas size is best for my gallery wall?
      Which canvas size is best for my gallery wall?

      We at Pixum set literally no limits to your imagination. Most important is to pick the best photos. What matters is the image resolution in pixels and the aspect ratio of the photo. Pick a square format for your canvas for the trendy insta look, or order a panoramic size canvas for the great landscape photo you took on the holiday. You can also create a photo collage in a panoramic or 2:1 size and arrange several of your favourite pictures adding a matching background colour. You could also go for a complete wall gallery made of canvas prints and order several hand-stretched prints to arrange these to your home gallery or a triptych.

    • Why choose a canvas photo prints and not other wall art?
      Why choose a canvas photo prints and not other wall art?

      The choice is quite simple: canvas is the classic wall art material used since the Middle Ages by the greatest artists we know. It is lightweight and, therefore, very easy to mount - it is practically ready-to-hang when you get the parcel. Canvas print is the best option if you plan a large wall gallery with several multi-pieces. Thanks to the canvas wrapped around the frame, there are no white gaps on the edges. Ordering at Pixum, you get a premium wall decor lovingly designed by you and professionally printed and hand-stretched in our lab.

      Get Creative Now

    Photo Collage

    • Pick several images
    • Benefit from free layouts

    Add Some Designs

    • Work with various cliparts and backgrounds
    • Available in numerous sizes from 30×20 up to 80×60 cm

    Sustainable Photo Gift

    Since July 2020, our printing labs and our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, have been completely carbon-neutral. Our canvas wall prints are mounted on FSC® certified real wood frame, pine or spruce. The best personalized photo gift for someone who cares about our planet!

    More about Your Pixum Canvas Print

    Canvas Prints - All In One

    Canvas Prints - All In One

    Bright colours, quality canvas and a stable, wooden frame - the canvas print is the all-rounder within the Pixum wall art family. The high-quality linen mix is stretched by hand onto a sturdy wooden frame and proves its quality through its longevity.

    Photo to Canvas - Printing

    Photo to Canvas - Printing

    When it comes to printing on canvas, Pixum relies on the elaborate and high-quality 12-colour printing process (inkjet), where the fine ink droplets penetrate the material. As a result, you get bright colours with a high UV resistance, as well as a very good quality of the print itself.

    Mind the Image Positioning

    Mind the Image Positioning

    The linen mesh of the canvas print is stretched over a wooden frame. This means, your picture will be printed on a slightly larger canvas sheet than the frame itself. On all sides, several centimetres of the print will be folded to the side and around to be attached to the back of the canvas frame. This way, the outer edges are also printed, and you get an all-around perfect artwork.

    Our Tip

    Our Tip

    When selecting a picture for your new wall print, make sure that there's nothing crucially important right at the edge of the picture. For example, your signature or a caption. The photo will be printed all over the edges of your future canvas print so that when it's mounted on the wall, the wall print still looks harmonious without any white borders.

    Lightweight Wall Print: Suitable for Rented Apartments

    Lightweight Wall Print: Suitable for Rented Apartments

    The big advantage of a Pixum Canvas Print is the variety of sizes and the low weight. For example, the lightweight canvas print in the smallest format (20 x 30 cm) weighs only 90 grams. This is a very good option for wall prints for rented flats, as you will only need one nail in the wall and still have wall art with a gallery look.

    Get Creative!

    Get Creative!

    Being just 1.56 kg/m², Pixum Canvas Prints are the lightest wall art after simple poster prints, making them ideal for difficult walls, such as in old buildings. Pixum Canvas Prints can also be mounted in extra-large formats on almost any wall and thus embellish any home with brilliant colours and photos printed in excellent quality.

    Your artwork in premium quality

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