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Paper types for your Pixum Photo Calendar

Premium paper (matt)

The high-quality premium paper in matt is 250 g/m² strong and therefore extremely stable. The extra matt surface is not only perfect for writing on, it also gives your pictures a luxuriously elegant appearance. Photo calendars printed on the premium paper (matt) are durable, UV-resistant and produce a colour brilliance without losing out on depth.

Premium printing paper (extra matt)

Give your photos that extra special touch by printing them on 260 g/m² strong extra matt premium printing paper.

Premium paper (glossy)

A Pixum Photo Calendar printed on 250g/m² strong premium paper does not only gives you the feel of quality, it also provides a colour brilliance and depth awareness at the same time. The surface of the premium paper (glossy) is coated with an extra finish that gives your photos extra shine and makes it easy to clean.

Photo paper (glossy)

The high-quality 230 g/m² photo paper is extremely light-resistant and durable. This is reinforced by a metal hanger, which supports the pages of the photo calendar. Apart from its durability, the glossy photo paper also stands out through its intense colour brilliance.

Set Your Staring Month

Find out how to make a photo calendar with an individual start date. Customizing your calendar can be that easy!

Perpetual Calendar

A calendar for the eternity: You can reuse your timeless photo calendar every year. What's the trick? Simply pick a layout with no weekdays.

Calendar as Wall Art

Pick a large calendar size and print your favourite snaps to easily change the wall decorations. It's 13 in 1!

Your Own Birthday Calendar

Create a unique birthday calendar with Pixum and never miss your loved ones' special days again!

Create Family Calendar

All important events and appointments of the whole family at a glance? Make yours to simplify your everyday life and organize your free time.

An Artwork Made by You

Pixum Photo Book

Your all-time favourite - the Pixum Photo Book. A private collection of your best snaps on a particular topic such as "My Garden" our "Our Year in Review", or a book on your recent holidays on your coffee table. A gift to fall in love with!

FAQ: Pixum Photo Calendar

  • How can I create a diary at Pixum?
    How can I create a diary at Pixum?

    You can create an office diary or school diary in the Pixum Photo World software.

    There you can choose from lots of different backgrounds, layouts and clipsarts to personalise your diary and make it your own.

  • Can I add several photos to one photo calendar page?
    Can I add several photos to one photo calendar page?

    Yes, you can add more than one photo to create a collage on one or several of your photo calendar pages. To do this, simply click on "choose layout" and select your pictures and how you want them placed on the calendar page. To finish, just click on "save" and it's done.

  • Which wall calendar is best when it comes to writing in notes and appointments?
    Which wall calendar is best when it comes to writing in notes and appointments?

    The folding Pixum Photo Calendar offers you the most space to to write in notes and appointments, but also birthdays and anniversaries. To make writing in notes really easy, choose the premium paper when you make your photo calendar. This way you can be sure, that any pen will work.

How to order a Pixum Photo Calendar

Online Editor

Quick and easy: Create, design and order in your browser directly. For creating your Photo Books, Wall Art & more. Quick and easy!

Pixum Photo World software

Take your time: make your Photo Books, Wall Art & much more on your computer. Save the draft and continue with it later offline!

Pixum Photo World app

On the go: Use all your smartphone photos directly and create Photo Books, wall art & much more. Then save it and come back to it later.

It's your choice: The Personalised Photo Calendar 2021 from Pixum

There aren't many calendars out there that are as individual and personal as the Pixum Photo Calendar. You can design your photo calendar through one of these two options: If you want it to go fast, use our online editor on the website. If you are looking for more creative editing options and a wide range of choice, then the Pixum Photo World software is the right tool for you.

Create a Pixum Photo Calendar on the Pixum website

You can easily start to design your photo calendar in the online editor by clicking here. Then simply select your product, the size, format, template, paper type and paper surface, your starting month and you are ready to add your favourite photos. Now you can upload your photos and place them on the different calendar pages. But being creative doesn't stop here: Try out different layouts, background colours and make collages from more than one photo.

The online editor is the right tool for you if you wish to quickly create a photo calendar with simple choices and options to decorate and customise the different pages. If you like simplicity, you can simply choose the standard layout and template and experiment with various background colours. If you wish to design a more elaborate photo calendar, we advise you to download the Pixum Photo World software, where you have access to all of our editing options.

Design a photo calendar with the Pixum Photo World software

To install the Pixum Photo World software, you only need a couple of clicks and you're good to go. The software is, of course, free of charge and can be deinstalled at any moment. Yet, if you do choose to download the software, you will have access to the widest range of editing options for your photo calendar 2021 and can design it in any way you wish. You can choose from our full range of photo calendars, like our standard calendars and the new design calendars. If you are really creative, you can design one completely from scratch and design something truly unique. Also new: You can design a double-sided DIN A4 year planner in the software.

You can add several pages, where you can then add birthdays, important appointments and other special days of your year 2021. Thanks to the wide range of editing options, you can choose from many unique layouts, backgrounds, cliparts, frames and stickers. Your photos will not only take centre stage, but they will also brighten your days and months to come in 2021.

The mobile alternative: The Pixum Photo World app on Android and iOs

Did you know, that you could also create your personal photo calendar 2021 on your smartphone or tablet? Just download the free of charge Pixum Photo World app for Android and iOs on the Google Play Store or on the App Store and experience the mobile solution to creating unique, personal gifts for yourself and friends and family. This way you can also use your smartphone pictures directly without having to upload them anywhere!

Custom Photo Calendar 2021 Types

The Pixum Photo Calendar 2021 is available in three formats:

1. Wall Calendar

The most popular calendar type is the classic wall calendar. Here your photos will take centre stage: Most of our layouts have a large space for your photos and a smaller calendar section with data and weekdays. With this type of wall calendar, the emphasis is on your pictures, which makes this photo calendar the perfect choice for decorating your home or office. It's as versatile as you want it to be. The photo wall calendar is available in A5, A4, A3, A4 and XXL format, which makes it easy to find your ideal size, be it a small calendar or a large calendar. Also, make your photo calendar fit your home! Choose from a portrait, landscape or panorama format to display your photos in style all year round.

2. Desk Calendar

The perfect accessory on any desk, table or sideboard is our desk calendar. This type of photo calendar is especially suitable for organising your day to day business and simultaneously enjoying great memories month by month. The desktop calendar is available in landscape format and square format.

3. Year Planner

Year planners are perfect if you want the calendar itself and its dates, birthdays and events to be the most important aspect of your calendar. They offer lots of space for your appointments, while at the same time giving you the chance to decorate your year planner with lots of beautiful photos.

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