Pixum Squares

Now also in a larger size: 23×23 cm!

  • Forex Prints in 15×15 cm or 23×23 cm
  • weatherproof & UV-resistant
  • easy to rearrange thanks to the magnetic wall mount. No drilling!

  • 15x15 cm / 23x23 cm large Forex foam board
  • weather and UV-resistant (can be used outdoors)
  • rearrange in no time without any preparations
  • Go Get Creative
    Magnetic Picture Wall - Pixum Squares
    Meet the Pixum Squares

    Magnetic Picture Wall - Pixum Squares

    The most flexible photo wall gallery in the world! Thanks to the innovative hanging system, you can easily attach your square prints to almost any wall and flexibly transfer, exchange and expand your family wall art. Your favourite snapshots are printed directly onto high-quality hard foam panels (Forex) using modern UV technology. Design your own family gallery wall with Pixum Squares

    Here is what you get ordering Pixum Squares:
    • flexibly exchangeable Wall Art thanks to magnetic wall mounting
    • lightweight material - perfect for difficult walls
    • non-reflective surface thanks to the matt finish and direct UV printing
    • 5 mm thick Forex foam board
    • ready for shipment in a few working days

    NEW: Pixum Squares 23×23 cm

    Your best memories deserve an amazing frame! Design your home art gallery with our magnetic Pixum Squares in 23×23 cm - the best size to showcase your favourite photos.

    Wall Mount

    Flexible thanks to magnetic wall brackets

    Drilling left in the past! From now on you both take care of the wall decoration and the wall surface with one simple action. The wall brackets for the Pixum Squares can be easily attached with tape and removed without leaving any traces. Enjoy re-arranging your new wall art for the living room easily with the handy spacer and the magnetic hanger.

    Why Your Need a Set of Pixum Squares

    Create your own individual wall art collage in no time at all. Thanks to the magnetic wall mount, you can redesign, arrange and expand your own wall art gallery again and again. View this short video and get inspired!

    Mulitple award-winner in Europe

    Inspiring Ideas with Pixum Squares

    Magnetic Gallery Wall - quick & easy with Pixum

    Photos on the walls is what definitely add a home feeling to your flat or house. Enjoy the great variety of Wall Art that you can customize true to your taste with Pixum. A good (and modern) alternative to poster prints or canvas photos is a set of Pixum Squares. Thanks to the easy magnetic wall mount, you can create a new photo collage just as soon as you want to change the mood of the room. Pick your most favourite family portraits in black and white and simply add new colourful pieces of Pixum Squares each season!

    About the Pixum Squares

    Picture Wall with Magnetic Wall Mount

    The Pixum Squares is a flexible and elegant option for a Wall Art Gallery thanks to the magnetic wall mounting. Due to the trendy square form, the prints can be easily arranged to a modern photo gallery with photos shot by you.

    A set of Pixum Squares with your favourite images is also a unique present on any occasion:

    • 5 mm thick Forex Prints (hard foam board) - lightweight and professional
    • sizes: 15×15 cm & 23×23 cm
    • easy & flexible wall mounting - no drilling, no holes, no nails!
    • available as sets of 4, 9 or 12 pieces

    Single Pixum Squares are best to decorate small areas in the guest bathroom or the hallway.

    Flexible & Personal - Your DIY Gallery Wall

    Best Option for Your Bold Decorating Projects

    The diversity of combinations given by exchanging the single Squares is something that every modern home needs. We recommend picking the following images for your new custom home decor:

    • travel and emotional actions snaps
    • portraits of kids who simply grow so fast!
    • landscape photography and photos of natural phenomena
    • scanned painting and pictures of crafts made by kids
    • close-ups of your favourite things and atmospheric shots
    Pixum Squares: How-to

    Here is How It Goes, Step by Step

    Goodbye drilling, holes in the walls and nails! Design your flexible Wall Photo Collage with Pixum Squares:

    1. pick your favourite snaps for the future photo collage
    2. create and order your Set of Pixum Squares directly in our Online Designer - just a few clicks needed
    3. now, while waiting for the delivery, think about a concept of arranging the prints at home. Save all the sketches - you never know!
      our tip: mark the actual distances with a tape on the wall to create a harmonic composition later
    4. your parcel with the Squares has arrived? Simply glue the delivered magnets to the marked spots on the wall, add the prints and
    5. you are done!
    6. Looking for some fresh air? Update the design as you wish - order new Squares to expand your collection, or just change the arrangement in no time.

    Read other our tips on arranging a harmonious gallery wall.

    FAQs - Your questions answered

    • How do I mount the Squares?
      How do I mount the Squares?

      Your Pixum Squares have a revolutionary mounting kit: magnetic wall brackets are being attached to the wall, the matching small metal sheets get onto the back side of the Squares - both via an adhesive tape which is very easy to remove. Thanks to the magnetic kit, you save yourself the time-consuming drilling of holes.

    • How much are the sets and which sizes are available?
      How much are the sets and which sizes are available?

      The Pixum Squares (incl. magnetic mounting kit) are currently available in 15x15 cm and can be ordered directly online, starting from 14,99 ¤. As soon as the parcel has arrived, you are free to create your own personal picture gallery at home!

    • How many prints shall I order?
      How many prints shall I order?

      Your personal picture wall can be as large as you wish. For a good start, there are sets of 4, 9 and 12 prints available. It these are team portraits for your office, you can also order singles photo tiles in addition to a set to match the number of colleagues or extend the picture wall sometime later.