Simply delicious: Design your Pixum Photo Book as a cookbook with your own recipes & pictures!

Design a cookbook with your photos & recipes
Design a cookbook with your photos & recipes

Simply delicious: Design your Pixum photo book as an individual cookbook with your own recipes & pictures!

Collect your favourite recipes in a photo book

Helping you keep those emotional moments in a photo book is our mission. Have conjured a delicious meal? Write down the recipe and create your own cookbook! It can also be a book of your own baking recipes. In this article, you will find out how to design your own cookbook in no time at all and get a free cookbook template and one for your baking recipes.

Custom cookbook

You've got the recipes? We've got design tools for your own cookbook!

Benefit from the free design options of the Pixum photo book maker and design a cookbook with your favourite recipes. Add snapshots of you cooking to illustrate the process. A personal cookbook is a perfect present for the grandparents', as a house-warming or a birthday gift. Add your memories or small anecdotes connected with this dish.

Organize the recipes in your own categories and arrange them to your liking. A portrait Pixum Photo Book would be the traditional choice for a cookbook: ingredients and recipes on the right-hand page with the pictures of the dish on the left-hand page. Making your cookbook in the Pixum Photo World Software, use the great variety of theme stickers to professionally illustrate your cookbook.

Fancy your own cookbook?

Free Cookbook Template

Free Cookbook Template

Load this free book template to make a unique cookbook for your loved ones. Download it now, open it in the Pixum Photo World software and fill it with your favourite photos! Click here to find out how to use a book template.

Free Template for Baking Recipes Book

Free Template for Baking Recipes Book

Make a book with your favourite baking recipes! Easy to be designed with our free Pixum Photo World software. Ask the grandma for more baking tips to make a cookbook that will be passed on through generations. Click here for more information about our book templates.

Create your own cookbook with Pixum

Create your own cookbook with Pixum

Feel inspired by our cookbook idea and would you like to start with your own artwok right away? Design your Pixum cookbook with the Pixum Photo World software or Pixum App!

Discover the great selection on photo book sizes at Pixum

Pixum Photo Book in a landscape size is perfect for your panoramic shots & especially suitable for events like weddings.
A book in a portrait size is the traditional layout for your photos & looks perfect on the shelf in your private library.
A square photo book is ideal for all square pictures (Instagram format) and is generally great for making photo collages.

The cookbook as a creative gift and inspiration for cooking together

Cooking together has a strong power of connection - an individual cookbook is, therefore, a very thoughtful gift:

  • as a Christmas present: a cookbook is a good choice for the grandparents, especially for the family visits. The grandparents write down the grandson's favourite meals and write funny anecdotes about them. A gift that gains its value with the time!
  • a cookbook is also a nice idea as a wedding gift: friends and family members write down the recipes of their favourite dishes. One person (the most responsible one, obviously) collects the recipe notes and designs a personal cookbook to hand it over as a wedding present. Every recipe is, of course, also an invitation to cook this dish together.
  • a self-designed cookbook is a nice reminder of delicious dishes cooked together, for the ones moving into a new flat or city. Our tip: illustrate the recipes with matching stickers.
  • with a custom cookbook, you can keep a personal record of the cooking highlights for the whole family.
  • a cookbook is also a great gift for some dog lovers - for those who offer only home-cooked food to their furry friends - whether as a change to the ready-made food or for dogs who suffer from certain allergies. The cookbook might also contain useful tips on the dog education.
  • and, most obviously, a customized cookbook will be a great gift for a hobby chef!

Just a few clicks to design your photo book

With the Photo World software or the online designer - your own cookbook in no time at all!

Creating a cookbook with Pixum is easy as ABC: you design your photo book directly online or download the free Pixum Photo World software, which offers numerous design options and is still intuitive to use. The menu navigates you in a customer-friendly way so that you always have an overview. Once you have installed the free software, you use all the design tools for your cookbook. Click here to read more about the Pixum book maker.

If several people are working on one cookbook, you can pass on the current file via a cloud. You can also save the previously created versions and continue later when all files have been collected. Click here for a full tutorial on how to create a book together with your friends.

Here is how to create your recipe collection step by step:

  1. select your own photos and prepare delicious recipes
  2. launch the online designer or the Pixum Photo World software
  3. set the details for the photo cookbook: size, cover, binding, paper type.
  4. now you can start and create your own recipe book by arranging the pre-selected photos on the photo book pages.
  5. use one spread per recipe: one single page displays the picture of the dish while the other one shows the meal preparing steps.

Every single page can be edited to your liking:

  • change the layout (specify number and order of images)
  • add text or image areas
  • set a background colour (choose the colour that matches the photo)
  • edit individual photos (crop, rotate, adjust saturation/ colour/ contrast/ brightness, use sepia filter, blur, gamma correction, etc.)

Our photo book maker gives you a great variety of design possibilities. You can professionally edit your pictures and favourite recipes in the best quality, for example by using photo effects, changing brightness levels or working with guidelines while arranging the elements on the page.

Working with layouts will fasten up the process!

The stickers in the software can add a professional design touch to your cookbook. The collection of high-quality stickers is very large and is free for you. This guarantees that the cookbook will animate the recipient to try out the recipes!

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