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Creative DIY ideas with photo prints

Show the world the great pictures you've taken, present something made by you and bring your old shots to life! You can do all this easily with Pixum photo prints - available in various sizes and, therefore, suitable for any crazy DIY project! Find here some DIY ideas and maybe also get inspired to upcycle your old photo prints.

Exploding box with photos

Room for small gifts, lovely captions and hidden messages - design your exploding box to make someone very happy! A great gift for the Valentine's Day, the Mother's Day and on no occasion.

Acrylic print menu cards

Put the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day dining table with an acrylic print serving as your menu.

Photo series - Bringing nature into your home

Create a photo gallery on a noble wooden strip to present your photos in a different way.

A gift for the guests

What do you think about using Retro-style snaps as place cards and then afterwards as a keepsake for your guests to remember? An individually designed Retro Print is quick and at the same time super creative.

Photo stickers as table decoration

Decorate your dining table uniquely. Wrap the cutlery elegantly in the right napkin, adding a photo sticker of the guests or host.

Currently unavailable for UK orders, but coming back soon!

Passport photos as decorative stars

Create a Christmas decoration for your apartment and present your most beautiful pictures as a unique star photo collage!

Photo prints as baubles

Create original decorations for your Christmas tree - use your favorite photos and decorate your home especially festive!

Photo stickers as gift labels

You want to make your gifts more personal? With the Pixum photo stickers it's easy!

A collage full of memories

Use your wedding snaps and get them printed as Retro Prints to give to the happy couple.

A row of beautiful memories

Create amazing keepsakes for you and your guests with Pixum Photo strips. Design each one individually!

Retro Prints

Tired of standard photo prints? Create your own custom retro photos including a free gift box!

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