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To which countries does Pixum deliver its products?

Ordering at Pixum, you can have your order shipped directly to most European countries (no overseas deliveries, yet).

Depending on the creative platform you choose, there are have different options:

Pixum Photo World software

There are several versions of the Pixum Photo World software, each depending on the logistics, sometimes currency and tax policy of the country.

Pixum tip

What to do if the Pixum Photo Book has been designed with a different language version?

Make sure to have saved your Pixum Photo Book project, install the corresponding country version and simply open the draft and order it in the new software. Check our international homepage to can select the desired country of delivery and then install the corresponding Pixum Photo World software.

Decisive for your further procedure is whether the software versions of your installed Pixum Photo World software are identical to those of your desired country of delivery. Our Customer Service will be happy to advise you and provide you with information on whether the country version you require is compatible with the software you have installed.

The mobile Pixum Photo World app or the Pixum app

If you've been creative on the go with the Pixum app, simply scroll down the page to change the country of the delivery.

Has it been the Pixum Photo World app, please make sure, your mobile device is locating you in the country of the planned delivery. Simply check and adjust the language and region in the general settings of the device.

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