Poetry Book
Poetry Book

Present your best friends with the best gift and create a personalised poetry book that captures your best memories together.

Friendship & Poetry Book with photos

Want to create your own Poetry or Friendship book? With a Photo Book, you can design a creative album that you can lend to friends and family to write in. Use our design ideas for a great poetry book!

Pixum Photo Book in a landscape size is perfect for your panoramic shots & especially suitable for events like weddings.
A book in a portrait size is the traditional layout for your photos & looks perfect on the shelf in your private library.
A square photo book is ideal for all square pictures (Instagram format) and is generally great for making photo collages.

Poetry and Friendship book - designed to your own liking

A poetry or friends book from a shop is of course nice - the disadvantage of these books are the predefined designs. There is little space to write individual quotes, poems or add your own pictures. Design your own friend book so that there is enough space for your own creations in addition to the photos.

Design the poetry album in different ways:

Your own Poetry book

It is best to design your own album in the style of an old poetry book in a square format. The pages should also have plenty of free space for creative writing. It is worthwhile to design the border individually. For example, flowers, leaves, rose vines or a graphic pattern are suitable.

Poetry book as a gift

The poetry book is a wonderful reminder of friendships. If a friend goes abroad, gets married or retires, a personal collection of anecdotes from friends and acquaintances in the form of a poetry book can be a heartfelt gift that will put homesick people in a good mood again. Pictures from their life and friends fit perfectly into this lovingly designed book.

Design tip: At the beginning, create a photo book with your own pictures. After that, leave some space for one friend per double page. Here, former companions can add their own stories as well as sayings or poems.

Self-designed Friendship book

Create a personalised Friendship book for yourself or your children. For example, at the top left of each double-page, add a photo of the friend and next to it a few questions to be answered. Ask questions about life and current wishes.

Extraordinary moments in a trendy format
Extraordinary moments in a trendy format
  • square (21×21 cm)
  • hardback with layflat binding
  • photo paper matt (seamless spread)
  • best for dynamic travel books
  • from 36,95 ¤
The classic one in a portrait format
The classic one in a portrait format
  • A4 (21×28 cm)
  • hardback with glue binding
  • premium paper matt
  • switch to the glossy paper for intense colours
  • from 29,95 ¤
Your one-of-a-kind landscape album
Your one-of-a-kind landscape album
  • A4 (21×28 cm)
  • hardback with glue binding
  • premium paper matt with up to 202 pages
  • best for photo collages
  • from 33,95 ¤
Best choice for your panoramic snaps
Best choice for your panoramic snaps
  • A4 (28×21 cm)
  • hardback with layflat binding (seamless spread)
  • photo paper glossy (seamless spread)
  • from 46,95 ¤

Looking for beautiful designs for a Poetry book?

Here are a few tips that you might like for the design of your book:

  • To inspire others, design the first page yourself before giving the book to your good friends. Add your own photo, write down some information (birth, school profession etc.) and complement this with details about your personal life (I like this, I like spending time here, etc.). Also write a poem or choose from the classic most beautiful sayings for poetry albums.

  • Add self-drawn pictures or childhood photos. Pictures of past times not only add a nostalgic flair but also give children and adults alike great joy while looking through your book.

  • If you like poems, you can design your album as a mix of both a Poetry and Friendship book from the outset. For each double page, quote your favourite poems or sayings in one corner. The rest remains free for everyone who wants to add their own creative ideas.

  • Would you prefer a memory album? You can keep the memories of old companions in an album: On page 1 you can list all important political, cultural and social events that you shared, and also include a family tree. Each family member then gets a double page for their most beautiful quotes and thoughts.

We hope you have fun creating your own Poetry and Friendship book!

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