NEW: Pixum Baby Board Book

Make your very own Pixum Baby Board Book and teach your little one the alphabet, colours, animal names & much more.

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Pixum Baby Board Book with your own photos for only 24,95 ¤

The new Pixum Baby Board Book is a very special gift, especially for the little ones. With rounded corners and super thick cardboard pages you can design your Pixum Photo Book according to your own wishes in the Online-Designer.

What makes our baby board book special:

Rounded corners

The rounded corners are particularly child-friendly. So even the smallest children can play safely and to their heart's content with the Pixum Baby Board Book.

22 Pages - 22 Pictures

With only 22 photos you can create a Pixum Photo Book suitable for toddlers. Quickly and easily online!

Extra thick cardboard pages

The high-quality, premium paper with your photos is laminated on to a thick cardboard page. These are held together with a white plastic spiral binding.

Square format

With a size of 14×14 cm, the Pixum Baby Board Book offers plenty of space for babies' favourite pictures, while at the same time fitting into the diaper bag.

Reason why you should order a Pixum Photo Book

High Quality

100% Satisfaction

Fast Delivery

Discover lots of creatives ways of using a Pixum Baby Board Book

Be it an animal names book or a colour book - there are countless ways of using a beautiful and fun Pixum Baby Board Book. You can also put pics of their favourite food or toys in their photo book. Or make a who?s who baby board book with your own family. It's up to you.

Animals and Their Names

Whether it's a dog, parrot or a giraffe - let your toddler playfully discover the variety of animals on our planet. With the help of a personalised animal book, it can be tailored to your favourite animals.

Let's get creative

You can vary the number of images on each page of the Pixum Baby Photo Book. You can also choose different background colours. Our tip: Add a maximum of 4 square images per page to get an ideal visual experience.

Picture books

Sometimes your little ones make the best pictures. Why not scan and use them in a baby book to explain to them the world in their own pictures.

Our Family in Pictures

Help your newest addition to the family learn all about its relatives with a Pixum Baby Board Book. Simply add the photos, background colours and the names.

My First Colours

Make learning the colours a fun game for your little ones by creating double pages with a coloured object on one side and the colour's name on the other side.

As easy as 1, 2, 3

It's as easy and one, two, three! Numbers should be fun and nothing's more fun then a personalised number counting board book with pictures and words of your choice.


In addition to existing layout suggestions, you can also add individual image areas. Be inspired and create your own individual collage of pictures for your little sweetheart.

My favourite toys

Names, numbers and colours are great, but why not teach your children some new words by using photos of all their favourite toys?

What's this?

Let your child go on an exciting journey to discover the wonderful world of emotions. Take pictures of yourself and teach them how fun laughing is.