Text editing in your Pixum Photo Book
Text editing in your Pixum Photo Book

Give your photo book an even more personal touch and tell your own stories.

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Discover the Pixum Photo Book
Discover the Pixum Photo Book

Get creative with the Pixum Photo Book and find great design ideas!

Text editing in your Pixum Photo Book: top 5 tips

The central element of a Pixum Photo Book is, of course, the photo itself. However, not all stories can be told only with photos or only with texts - a combination of pictures and, for example, small, personal travel memories is often a good choice. This article tells you how to get the best of your Pixum Photo Book with text editing.

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Using text as a design tool in your Pixum Photo Book - find out how it works!

How to add a text to your photo book

Adding texts to your photo book is as easy as pie both in the Pixum Online Editor and in the Photo World software. Simply edit these as you wish using the suggested editing tools. The following section explains exactly how to do this.

The Pixum Online Editor:

  1. Click "Add" below the virtual photo book page.
  2. Select "Text area".
  3. There opens a new window where you can enter your text.
  4. The text field appears then in your photo book. Use the mouse to move it on the photo book page. To change the font colour, click on the pencil icon or on the "Edit text" button.
  5. Now you can adjust the text as you wish and select colour, orientation, size and font. You can also make the text bold, italic, or underlined.
  6. Save the editing by clicking on the checkbox!

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The Pixum Photo World Software:

  1. Click "Add new Text" on the toolbar.
  2. To move the text box within the photo book page, simply drag it with the mouse. To enter your text, just start typing. You can change the size and position of the text area at any time.
  3. To edit the text parameters, refer to the various options at the toolbar. You can also edit several text fields at the same time. Simply hold the mouse over a parameter symbol for a few seconds. There appears a detailed description of the marked option.

Missing a particularly beautiful font? Simply download it to your computer! Please make sure to install a so-called true type fond. Tell your own story in your Pixum Photo Book - we hope you enjoy it!

Create your Pixum Photo Book with a personal note

Tell your story with your best photos and creatively edited text. Arrange your photos even more creatively within a Pixum Photo Book.

Pixum reveals the top 5 tips for designs with text.

Our tips for creative text editing:

  • #Tip 1 - Matching font

    #Tip 1 - Matching font

    You might be tempted to try out different fonts for your photo book in order to keep the project rich in variety. Avoid this if possible - use instead other elements, such as cliparts and illustrations. Select a font that matches the theme of the photo book and keep it throughout the whole book. Otherwise you risk drawing too much attention from the photos to the text.

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  • #Tip 2 - Text position

    #Tip 2 - Text position

    You are fully free when placing the text. However, in order to avoid disorder and chaos, try to keep to the chosen design pattern and arrange all the elements consistently. You can do this working with design templates or by using a few special tricks for arranging photos and text.

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  • #Tip 3 - Coloured text box

    #Tip 3 - Coloured text box

    Highlight a text with a matching background colour or add a coloured text box. A Coloured text box is, in general, a popular and effective design tool, but it still should align with the colours of the images the text applies to Make sure to keep the colour harmonie within the whole project to give the album a professional touch.

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  • #Tip 4 - Text lenght

    #Tip 4 - Text lenght

    How much text your photo book should have, depends strongly on the occasion. Some photo books may only need small notes to the photos, stories rather need more space to be told.

    Of course, you can do the explanation part yourself, sitting next to the viewer and proudly presenting your photo book - but it is more practical to have short texts about the photos, which already tell facts or little stories. Just make sure you don't write down entire novels; it's still a photo book, after all, where your images are in the focus.

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  • #Tip 5 - Headings and captions

    #Tip-5 - Headings and captions

    If the explanation for a photo has become a bit longer, divide it into sections. Give the text a bit structure and clarity. Headings and captions will help you with that, among other tools. Headings provide a short summary - image captions, on the other hand, hihlight data or facts about individual photo .

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Pixum photo book maker: How to install

Pixum photo book maker: How to install

Find out how to install the free Pixum Photo World software - you'll only need around 5 minutes for that. Just the right amount of time to make yourself a nice cup of tea & get ready for the creative part of the day!

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