Faber-Castell Pencil Box
Faber-Castell Pencil Box

Please your inner artist:

  • Faber-Castell pencil box personalized with your best photo
  • layouts & captions available
  • high-quality metal tin with a cheerful message inside
Design Yours

Faber-Castell Pencil Box with Your Photo

Personalized photo gift for students, pupils and anyone who's into colours: Customize a pencil box from Faber-Castell with your favourite snap.

A very special gift for school kids

Faber-Castell Pencil Box

  • your favourite photo on the tin box
  • 12 Colour Grip colour pencils
  • high-quality metallic tin with a cheerful caption inside
  • portrait or landscape, one photo or several snaps, with or without a caption - 100% to your liking
for only 19,99 ¤
A personalized photo gift for little artists

Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencil Box

  • 24 Goldfaber Aqua watercolour pencils
  • highly pigmented and fully water-soluble lead
  • high-quality metallic tin
  • landscape or portrait, custom layouts & text
for only 29,99 ¤

Did You Know?

We Care

The Faber-Castell colour pencils are FSC® certified. Also, an environmentally-friendly water-based varnish is being used, and the production is located in Germany.

Non-slip Grip for Comfy Painting

The ergonomic triangular shape of the Faber-Castell pencils have a patented Soft-Grip zone, so that drawing on paper is easy and inspiring.

Gifts for Granny

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Explore the Colours Anew with Faber-Castell Pencil Box

Personalized photo gift for school

Here is how you design a custom pencil box from Faber-Castell

  1. click on"Design Yours" to run the editor and create a box design to your liking
  2. upload your favourite picture within seconds. Click on "Rotate product" to switch to a landscape or portrait layout for the tin box
  3. try various free design options we've got for you: design a photo collage adding further image areas, set a background colour, or add a text with their name or a cheerful message
  4. happy with the draft? Load your project to the shopping cart, submit the order and pick matching paper for your next great paintings. Your personalized pencil box is delivered within only a few days!
Personalized Pencil Box for Your Desk

Which Picture Suits Best?

Whether in the classroom, on the playground or making notes while you read: your custom Faber-Castell pencil box is an inspiring helper. Here are a few ideas for the photo selection:

  • selfies with your siblings or best friends
  • family portraits - parents and grandparents are always supporting you
  • funny pet snaps
  • your first / best drawing (so far)
  • memories from recent holidays by the sea

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