Make your own family planner
Make your own family planner

Design a family planner with your own photos with the Pixum Photo World software - for colourful memories that accompany you throughout the year.

For each and every one: the family planner from Pixum

Even in times of clouds and smartphone calendars, the classic photo calendar is essential in every kitchen. A simple and clear overview of appointments and birthdays - and on top of that, your most beautiful family snapshots of the last year.

There is a good reason why kitchen has been a centre of every household for centuries. The smell of delicious food attracts everyone in any mood (be it to nibble!). A personalized family planner with the most beautiful photos is just the right wall decoration for the most favourite room in the house!

Most favourite memories of the whole family

Pixum Family Planner: qick tips on making yours

Already feel inspired and keen to create a personalized family calendar? The following tips will give you an overview of what to keep in mind while making your calendar:

  • the bigger the calendar size, the more space you have for your entries. There are calendar templates for family calendars with multiple columns available for large sizes (e.g. A3 calendars) - so each family member gets their own column for appointments! You can also make a single desk calendar with most important appointments for the whole family.
  • the free Pixum Photo World software offers you a great variety of modern backgrounds and patterns, with allows you to highlight very special months for the family, e.g. a month with most birthdays or the wedding anniversary.
  • use different page layouts to make a photo collage combining several photos instead of adding a single large photo to the calendar page.
  • add the confirmed appointments and recurring dates for the whole year in advance. School holidays, public holidays and birthdays are good examples to that.

Calendar entries for every family member

To make sure, the family planner can be used by all family members, pick a calendar template from the "Family" section. It's possible to add up to 20 columns but make sure you've got the largest calendar size in this case.

The family calendar template is available for all wall calendar at Pixum.

Like other Pixum photo gifts, your family planner can be created either online or in the Pixum Photo World software. However, adding personal entries is exclusively available in the software. There, you will also find more design options, which you might wish to use to highlight single columns.

Three ways to make your photo calendar

Fotokalender per App bestellen.

Choose the most convenient way to make your Pixum family planner:

Simply choose a calendar type - Desk Calendar, Wall Calendar or Year Planner and the matching size. Now, it's time for the creative part - add your photos and text, pick a beautiful background or add matching illustrations. Here is an example of making a photo calendar using the Pixum Photo World software step by step:

  1. download and install the Pixum Photo World software on your PC or Mac.
  2. start the software and select the desired product in the "Calendar" section.
  3. choose the option"creative calendar" if you want to customize the columns of the calendar and add your entries.
  4. set the photo directory from your computer and add the images via drag & drop to the calendar pages.
  5. you can adjust the layouts and designs per calendar page - the corresponding options are on the left sidebar.
  6. now, you could add further design elements such as frames and funny cliparts if you want to. Our clipart have been created by professional designers and are free for you. You can also add text to the photos on the pages which is especially useful if you are adding holiday snaps from different countries.
  7. as soon as you are happy with the draft, save the project - you can use the saved template for the next year and simply exchange the photos - and click on "Add to basket" at the bottom right-hand corner.

The design process on the mobile app and in the Online Designer is similar to that of the software: First, select the product, upload your pictures (or pick the uploaded ones from Your Pixum Account) and edit them if necessary. As soon as the calendar is done, simply put it into the shopping basket and complete the order.

Have fun designing your family planner and trying various tools out!

Make Your Family Planner

Looking forward to making your own family planner with all the important appointments and your favourite snaps at a glance? Run the Online Designer and get creative.

We've also got some more inspiring ideas for you down below.

Pixum - Excellent quality

Photo Calendars: Customer Feedback

Your favourite family pictures - daily inspiration made by you

Unleash your creativity making a Pixum family calendar

Family snaps of your everyday life are best for a family planner

Select photos wisely and make the unique photo combinations to a design tool. For example, you can add old & new school portraits of each family member to the page when the school year begins.

Don't stop by photos: You could also scan paintings and add them to your calendar. Or you could use your most beautiful landscape shots from last year's holidays together - there are no limits to your creativity!

Make your family planner to an eye-catcher by adding the images that match a particular theme. How about a wall calendar embellished with scanned artworks of your little painters? Or macro photography of your blooming garden?

If you've decided to use family portraits in the calendar, start with a group photo of the whole family and then dedicate each page to one particular family member. Rotate the combination to fill all the calendar pages.

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