Timeless photo calendar
Timeless photo calendar

Looking for a timeless birthday calendar that can still be personalised with your photos and text? Learn here how to design yours - in the free Pixum Photo World software

Make your Photo Calendar
Make your Photo Calendar

Design a custom photo calendar to let your photography inspire you throughout the whole year!

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Your most beautiful memories in a timeless calendar

A personalised photo calendar is the perfect gift for family & friends. It's a highlight among all Christmas gifts: a new year is about to begin and here is your private collection of the most beautiful photo from the past year. A new masterpiece on the walls each month!

But what is a timeless calendar? A timeless calendar neither displays the current year nor the weekdays. This type of calendar can be reused every year - even in leap years. A very good idea for those looking for reusable and sustainable gifts with a personal signature.

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Pixum Photo World software: the matching calendar template

Normally, the year stamp appears in every calendar layout or design. However, you still can design a timeless photo calendar in the Pixum Photo World software. The Online Designer is, therefore, not suitable for creating a reusable birthday calendar - it will always refer to a specific year.

The free Pixum Photo World software offers you a possibility to design a complete calendar layout by yourself. Simply choose the "creative calendars" option (instead of "design calendars")when you start the designing process. There appears the selection of various calendar templates: choose"list" or "linear " for a timeless calendar. As soon as the design mode is running, make sure to have selected the calendar template that only shows days numbers and not week numbers or weekdays (as shown on this image). Change the calendar template in the "Layouts" section if necessary. Here, you can also vary the number of the photos used per calendar page. And finally, you've got to the exciting part: simply fill up the empty layout with your favourite photos via drag & drop and unlock your creativity with different backgrounds and cliparts.

Making a timeless calendar step by step:

  1. run the Pixum Photo World software and choose your favourite calendar size & paper type in overview, e.g. a Wall Calendar Portrait A2 with photo paper glossy.
  2. confirm your choice and start the editor.
  3. a design overview will automatically load: "creative calendars" vs. "design calendars". To make a timeless calendar, you now want to click on the "creative calendars".
  4. a selection of calendar templates will appear: here, you can choose a calendar, which only shows the day numbers - no weekdays or a year stamp. Click the (i) info button for a larger preview of the template.
  5. as soon as you have selected a calendar template, the editing mode loads. You will still find the year stamp on the title page. Double-click on it. There will open a new window, offering you various design options for the title page. Just choose the layout without the year stamp .
  6. and here it is - your photo calendar without year! Add birthdays or mark anniversary dates, fill in the photos and texts, choose background colours or patterns and try out some cliparts for more fun.
  7. you still can edit each page of the calendar and change page layouts according to the amount of the images you want to have for this month's page. Design your timeless calendar true to your taste - a personalized photo gift to adore!

An everlasting calendar as a private collection of photos

Even the most beautiful calendar expires after 366 days at the latest - an everlasting photo calendar from Pixum stays up-to-date as long as you like - on the kitchen table or on the living room wall. Take your time to select the pictures you want to look at even years after!.

The contents of your everlasting calendar is entirely up to you - memories from your most beautiful holidays are just as good as landscape photography made by you or maybe it will be a collection of grandma's best recipes? A timeless calendar is also a great idea if you are looking for a birthday calendar


A personalised gift on any occasion

A photo calendar does not necessarily have to be about appointments and reminders! Your everlasting calendar can be also created on a specific occasion, be it a collection of selfies of the newly-weds as a wedding gift, or happy snaps from different years as a birthday gift for someone celebrating an anniversary.

A high-quality company calendar telling the vision of your team can also be a nice gift to strengthen your business relationships. It could be your design photography paired with fixed dates or events planned throughout the year. You can also add QR codes leading to your website.

Both beautiful & useful

Desk Calendar

A timeless photo calendar is the perfect birthday calendar. You can also add recurring evens such as your wedding anniversary or public holidays. This way, the new everlasting calendar gives you an overview of the most important dates for the whole family.

Choose the best suitable size for your purpose among the numerous formats of the Pixum Photo Calendars - starting from handy kitchen calendars to classic wall calendars in A4, A3 and A2. And the best of it is that you can design it true to your taste!

Pixum tip

  • Feel inspired? Do not procrastinate - download the Pixum Photo World software, get your best snaps and start creating your new artwork. Be bold and try the things out - the software offers you a great variety of free design options and you can always click on "undo"!

Gifts for Granny

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Ready for an elegant sheen? Get to know our new option for your greeting cards and photo books - gold, silver or glossy highlights. Add that luxurious touch to your photo products.

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