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Selecting the material for your photo poster

Every type of paper gives your Pixum photo poster a different effect - depending on your own taste, your photos will be given a subtle shimmer or a brilliant look like in glossy magazines. In this article, we would like to go over which poster papers are at your disposal and how you can best combine them with your own designs.

Flexible: matt printing paper

The matt-coated picture printing paper is the most flexible of all the papers used in the Pixum range. With a total of 43 available formats, photo posters can be printed from compact sizes like 20×20 cm - up to a gigantic 225×150 cm. Would you like to add an impressive large photo print to your living room or your home office? A poster on picture printing paper is the ideal choice for that.

With a matt coating, photo posters are also perfect for places where the lighting changes often or when direct light would shine on the photo posters: the light screening on the surface effectively reduces reflections, meanwhile the colours and contrasts of your pictures are still faithfully rendered.

The all rounder: photo paper

As with the Pixum Photo Books, you can also use photography paper in various designs for photo posters.

  • photo paper glossy: is the perfect choice for colour intense photography, such as sunset or sunrise, autumn leaves scenery. Thanks to the glossy finish, your snap gets vivid colours and dynamic contrasts
  • photo paper metallic glossy: creates a slight depth effect when light is on it. A light silver glimmer is visible. It is therefore ideally suited for images in which a three-dimensional effect is to be produced, for example, landscape photographs or portraits in which depth uncertainty is a key aspect. Pick this paper for landscapes covered with snow or with massive clouds and you'll be stunned how real the printed picture seems to be!
  • satin-finish paper: is particularly suitable for portrait photography. A subtle surface structure provides a matt shimmer with which the photo posters looks great in all possible light situations. The light structure of the surface is discreet, but somewhat more conspicuous than picture printing paper
  • photo paper extra matt:This special, luxury paper differs from other matte papers due to its completely smooth, textured surface. The feel resembles a classic glossy paper, but the look remains like a matt with a very subtle shimmering effect. Luxurious matt paper is perfect for black-and-white photographs with soft contrasts

A fine touch: refined artistic paper matt

Currently not available for order. Stay tuned!

Available in twelve different formats, a Photo Poster printed on artistic paper is the perfect choice for special occasions: weighing 300g / m², about 25% more than other paper types. This gives you a stable surface to work with, and it has a high-quality feel.

The fine art paper is the dullest of the six paper varieties. Nevertheless, it gives your photo poster a subtle touch of luxury thanks to its velvety surface just like the watercolour paper. As with the luxurious photo paper, here the matt-coated surface without a structure provides for a smooth, noble look, which makes it ideal for black-and-white shots.

More is... More! Make a Photo Collage

Got a bunch of great shots that deserve to be printed out and decorate your living room? Pick a larger wall print size and make a Photo Collage - choose from a great variety of free layouts and add up to 40 photos to your new wall art. Read our tips on how to make a perfect artwork with your photos.

Pixum tip

How about printing your photo on canvas? Canvas has been the ultimate choice by the great painters, so try it out for your best photography!

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