Pixum Wall Art Tips & Tricks
Pixum Wall Art Tips & Tricks

Create beautiful picture wall with memories worth printing.

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Time for a test: What's your design type?

Before you begin designing your Pixum Wall Art, you should be aware of the type of design that suits you. What would you like to see in your wall photo? Which colours do you prefer? And which material is the right choice for you? Let's find that all out!

The photo: the content of your wall art

The image used for your large format picture depends entirely on your own personal taste. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Idea Examples
Photos which reflect the room Images of bright peppers, exotic fruit or coffee beans for the kitchen, the image of a blissful sandy beach or some fresh mussels for your bathroom
Memories of loved ones A photo collage of cherished family moments, memories from parties with friends, a large photo of the kids, or even an erotic, tasteful picture of your partner
Art Famous works by Da Vinci, Van Gogh or Norah McGuinness, fascinating pieces by modern and upcoming artists
Architecture Breathtaking building and architectural wonders from around the globe
Landscapes Your favourite images of nature and the wilderness, e.g. elegant ducks on the lake, a tranquil woodland scene or a fierce snowstorm

Obviously, there are lots of other ideas and elements that might inspire you. And that's not a problem! At Pixum, there simply are no limits on your creativity!

Colours: bursting with colour or just black and white

Having a wide array of colours in your wall art isn't just about your own individual taste, it's also about keeping things in balance with the rest of your decor and furnishings. In a minimalist flat where most of the furnishings are black and white, then a colourful picture can be the real eye-catcher. However, a wall art in black and white or sepia can also attract plenty of attention.

Format: Landscape, Portrait or Panoramic?

The format and the size of your new Wall Art is not a matter of personal taste, but rather it depends on the space available. The larger the available wall space, the larger the wall print. The panoramic format is always perfect if you have captured an interesting panoramic view with the panoramic function on your camera or if you want to create a photo frame of up to eight pictures with the Pixum Photo World software.

The Materials: Choose from eight different products

These are the materials that are available at Pixum:

  • Canvas Print looks like a real painting, ideal for photos from the world of art, but also beautiful for stunning portraits
  • Forex Print boasts an excellent durability - it's suitable for outdoors, due to its light weight it's perfect for difficult walls, ideal for architectural photos and detailed landscape shots
  • Acrylic Print add an extraordinary depth effect to your photography. Acrylic glass looks very fancy in a modern living environment and is ideal for the representation of iridescent night shots or fascinating underwater worlds
  • Aluminium Print brings your photos onto a high-quality, long-lasting aluminium sheet with a matt surface that ensures a fantastic finish. It perfectly suits portraits, architectural photos and city snaps as well as black and white pictures. And it also survives long flights - we've proven that!
  • Gallery Print is simply the finest of Pixum wall prints with its combination of acrylic glass and aluminium dibond sheet, which makes it ideal as a focus point in the middle of the room. A Gallery Print makes almost every photo appealing, with great colour intensity
  • Wood Print: printed on wooden boards, your picture gets a particularly modern rustic impression. Wood Print is best suited for natural family portraits and landscape photos, and it's also a great sustainable gift since it's made of FSC-certified materials!
  • Photo Poster the best option if you're on a budget. Pixum prints posters in the widest size range possible and still offers you affordable prices

Being your own interior designer: Creative chaos or perfect symmetry?

Should everything be finely ordered and symmetrically adjusted on your wall, or do you prefer a slightly askew version? Choose from a variety of hangings, for example the golden section, gallery, sorted by size, with patterns? Or, if you've got plenty of pieces to hang up, try the famous 'Petersburg hanging', by arranging the works in a single horizontal row. Read our best-practice tips on arranging your own picture gallery in the linked article.

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